RIP BU_Rob13

So former English Wikipedia Arbcom member and administrator BU_Rob13 has bit the dust during the Fram debacle. Although, he wasn’t doing too great even before that and had been commenting on the strain. Sometimes you need something drastic to prompt you to close the chapter and move on, and the Fram fight was pretty drastic.

His Wikipedia account was created in 2015, but it was always suspected that he had prior experience. He became an administrator in 2016, and was elected to Arbcom in 2017.

He actually left for good on 1 July 2019, when his account was renamed to Renamed user mou89p43twvqcvm8ut9w3, a slightly mousy result of a courtesy vanishing.

Why? Well one theory is it’s because for about a month an increasingly large number of people have become aware that he may be a certain Robert Clark in real life. However, the reality is probably that he got fed up and has better things to do.

Who is Robert Clark?


Well quite a decent chap by the looks of it, he is at present a self-employed economics tutor while studying law at Chicago Law School. You can hire him for $90 a hour on his website.

Now we will look at a few things of interest, illustrating really nothing at all, but mildly interesting nonetheless.

Firstly the name, BU_Rob13 should be obvious enough, as Rob is clearly Robert. BU could be short for Binghamton University, which he attended according to his LinkedIn. The 13 could be a team number, or somehow related to 2013. It’s not really clear, but 13 is somewhat of an unlucky number, and perhaps Rob should have avoided it.

Secondly, according to his LinkedIn he is starting a doctorate in law this year, and that really takes up your time. It’s a choice between Wikipedia fun-time and working, and honestly Wikipedia is always for people that actually have free time. This is an issue unless you never sleep, because that sure does give you more free time.

Circumstantially, his website uses an image from Wikimedia Common with a perfect copyright licence compliant photo credit, now Robert Clark is versed in law and could have done it right anyway, but most of the time Wikimedia images are correctly used it’s by Wikipedians. Food for thought.

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