Muh space object

Black hole at Messier 87 [CC-BY-4.0] ESO, EHT Project.

A few days ago now, a large international collaboration released the first direct visual evidence of a black hole. This was done mainly to conclusively prove such things exist, but also to allow scientists to find out more about them.

The scale of the project needed to capture this image was enormous, and researchers used eight of the worlds largest radio telescopes in a planet size array to gather the required data. Petabytes of data was then processed by supercomputers to create a image of an slightly imperfect orange circle, which is the matter surrounding the black hole.

Like the vast majority of images from space researchers, it was released under a creative commons license. And as such uploaded to Wikimedia Commons almost immediately. The license was confirmed after some wrangling, and it was nominated for featured picture, with great support so far.

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