Ashley van Haeften

Ashley van Haeften, alias (born October 1964, in the United Kingdom) is a British LGBT+ rights activist and former director of Wikimedia UK. They are very active on both Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia, as well as being a key figure in UK Wikimedia outreach.

Photograph by Mike Peel

Wikimedia UK

Fæ was a director of Wikimedia UK from 16 April 2011 to 13 July 2013. Their resignation was a major event, and covered by The Signpost, in a special report.

Commons Fæ

On Wikimedia Commons Fæ has made a substantial 7,721,448 edits, inclusive of importing over 4 million images.

Faewik Twitter

On Twitter, they are known as @Faewik and tweet about a wide range of topics, not solely related to Wikipedia. Their use of Twitter often comes under scrutiny for accusations of canvassing and being r00d.

Wikipedia Fæ

Fæ is one of the 350 most active Wikipedians of all time on the English Wikipedia, with around 100,000 edits combined. Initially known as Ash, from 2006 and 2010. they started afresh with their new account. Subsequently they became an administrator in 2011 (RFA) with around 90% support, but they were later desysoped due to an Arbitration Committee case in July 2012. In this case, they were also banned, but successfully appealed in March 2013.

Wikimedia LGBT+

Fæ is a key figure in the Wikimedia LGBT+ organisation.

There are factions within groups such as Wikimedia Women in Red, with a tendency to aim criticism at Fæ for forcing their groups to integrate transgender rights into their organisational policies.

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