Recently, Sir Chris, a very established and active new page patroller, anti-spam operative, member of the IRC cabal and budding administrative candidate almost got broken by the pressure of Wikipedia.

A user with nearly 65,000 edits just retired from Wikipedia, which I would not normally bother noting, except for the fact she posted this as the explanation…

Quote: “Thanks for the blatant misogyny, Wikipedia. It’s been real fun.”

Their last edit gives some explanation for why they said that….

There are reasons to suspect there is more going on that just that one remark (hence why I’m not openly mentioning their current or past username), but as the straw which broke the camel’s back, particularly given that user’s history of boorish behaviour being tolerated by the Wikipedia community, it really does fit.

— Crowsnest

Although not specifically clear why, the author speculates that it was possibly a long term troll that had been doing some unidentified cross-wiki abuse, maybe a number of factors related to editing under a real name account linked to a pretty open facebook account, with a large amount of information available to the unscrupulous spammers and trolls whom she interacted with.

Wikipedia is also a really hostile environment towards women, and new editors tend to be complete morons bent only on spamming the wiki with their latest promotional garbage while evading all efforts to block them and shut them down. This leads to the new page reviewer role being akin to a giant game of whackamole, played with a million armour plated moles while you are armed with a feather duster. Such fun. Not.

There was a minor, but heated, wiki drama involving the encyclopedias most stupid policy – G5 deletion – which an admin had as normal completely ignored when it suited him, because it’s a terrible policy that would not exist if it wasn’t for the fact that everyone affected by it is banned.

In a worrying development last week she quit the IRC channels without even saying bye, changed her username, deleted all her userpages, and announced her retirement from Wikipedia, an all too often occurrence but one that is quite rare for an editor in very good standing which no major ongoing wiki dramas.

It is actually quite rare for editors to change their username in this way, a notable example would be when “User:Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi” became “User:Serial Number 54129” in a move that for a good week or so looked like a case of courtesy vanishing.

Anyone familiar with the way MediaWiki page histories work in relation to signatures will realise how utterly impossible it is to completely erase links between a old username and a new username on a renamed account, only a complete clean start can erase all links. But hey, it’s not too bad, most people would not be able to follow the trail.

This trail was clearly easy enough for 15+ well wishers to pile onto her talk page and say nice things. This must have been good, because as of a few days ago, she is back!

And back in full work mode, immediately slamming full on into the AFC witch hunter crew, led by everyone’s favorite flying Indian mystic, who decided that “elucidate” was a real word that people don’t need a dictionary to decipher. while complaining that our esteemed reviewer’s workload was too fast.

Ever since the unfortunate Donna “Nobel prize winner” Strickland incident, AFC seems to be jumpy, the backlog suddenly increased by 25% as the reviewers all took time off to whinge about academic notability and Google searches. Alas.

Anyway, welcome back and have fun.


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  1. Looking at how her return went, this is classic Wikipedia. You can tell the system wants to do something to protect her, but it is so lacking in teeth she feels forced to confront her attackers, which merely increases the ways people can learn of her old identity from her new one, and vice versa. If they were serious about stopping harassment, I shouldn’t be able to figure out any of this, and the latest perpetrator would have been blocked and asked to think about what they did, instead of getting a slap on the wrist, which of course simply resulted in them denying wrong doing and throwing a fit.

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